Fat Cat Classes

At Fat Cat Paddleboarding we offer classes and instruction for all skill levels, from beginners to experts. We have group classes of 6 people or less or you can try our private individual classes.

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Paddleboard Classes

Our paddleboard classes offer an opportunity for anyone to safely learn how to get on a board, balance, stand and begin paddling. We offer a 45 minute quick class or a more complete 1 1/2 hour class. All instructors are certified by the (PSUPA) Professional Stand Up Paddleboard Association.

Class Pricing

  • 45 Minute Quick Class

  • $30.00

    45 Minute Starter Session

  • Safety & Board Techniques

  • Sit, Stand, Paddle

  • Stability On The Board

  • Make Reservation

  • 1.5 Hour Advanced Class

  • $55.00

    Advanced Water Techniques

  • Basics Of Starter Class

  • Open Water Safety

  • Extended Trip Requirements

  • Make Reservation

  • Private Class

  • $65.00

    Private Session Per Hour

  • One on One Class

  • Safety on Board

  • Independent Personal Training

  • Make Reservation